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O le māfua‘aga lenei na ‘āmata ai

Mālō lava le soifua,
I'm not an Academic, I'm an Information Technology professional. However I studied several languages during my four years of University, and I've always had a keen interest in Linguistics and Anthropology, particularly Austronesian and Polynesian and I've kept up-to-date with developments.
I originally started making a toolkit for my daughter to use for her school work, and for myself as a personal tool. But I very soon found that the dictionaries they were using were self-contradictory with numerous examples of the same word being given 2 separate spellings in different parts of the dictionary. Because I'm using computers to do everything, these sorts of errors are picked up immediately. This is what really got me started looking at this issue in a more serious light. Once I started looking I began finding the same problem everywhere. This is when I realized that there were almost no reliable Samoan language resources available at all, and no one had digitized the language at more than the most basic level and most of that was faulty. So I looked around the shops and found that 99 percent of our educational resources were being imported. Dictionaries made in Australia, printed in Hong Kong, copyrighted in New Zealand. Wall posters made in Singapore where even the English was faulty. Very little made in Sāmoa.

I finally sat down a few years ago and started development. I work for a living, so I developed programs that are useful in the workplace. My children are going to school so I developed resources that are good for their education. I'm an I.T. professional so I'm making computer based resources. I gave myself a deadline of starting release on our 50th Anniversary of Independence, and everything is on track.

I'm basically making resources for mainstream Samoans, not just students, academics, and translators (although a lot of academics, students and translators are now using them). It doesn't matter where you live or what you do for a living, if you're Samoan or interested in our language, then these resources are extremely helpful. Contact us at edresources@bickersc.com if you have any queries.