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This page is for software that is for sale.

Currently almost all our language software is free. But we sometimes have professional level software for other things which are not free. At the moment I have Money Transfer software designed for the remittance industry in Sāmoa.

Anyone in the Money Transfer business who is looking for software that complies with all international AML/CFT requirements and has been audited by two govts with no problems let me know by emailing edresources@bickersc.com to set up a demonstration. This software is an all-in-one solution, it does the PEP checks automatically, currency conversion, daily balancing, tracking of all transactions, staff and outlets. It has been fully researched and I have liaised with all the relevant authorities in 3 countries to be certain that all regulations are fully compliant. And it's been in operation for quite a while without any issues. All international financial sanctions lists are regularly updated as well as the proprietary Samoan lists. US Financial sanctions screening is also in place although the software is not yet in use in the USA

Every transaction is matched against several international financial sanctions lists as well as PEP's in a fraction of a second. It generates Central Bank reports whenever you want, master reports, and outlet reports depending on the varying security level of the user. Keeps full detailed records of each transaction. Gives immediate flags to the CO on all transactions exceeding limits as per different countries regulations and everything else. It takes out most of the human interaction by limiting what staff can do and logging everything. All conversions and other calculations are done within the software. There is an extensive and tested admin interface and 24/7 support direct from the programmers. The software was developed in Sāmoa, specifically for the Samoan remittance market. But it is easily adaptable to any country.
What this does is seperate the backend processing and auditing and record keeping, from the cash handlers, so they can't monkey with the transactions. It also forces the CDD (Customer Due Diligence) to be performed properly, or it will not process a transaction. This ensures that compliance with regulations is not a problem.

Auditing and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) checks are made easy and your data can be checked for compliance robustness at the click of a button which ensures your companies safety in regard to compliance, and checks that front line staff are doing their jobs conscientiously.

This is professional level software, it's not a modified OS software. It's 100% developed, coded, and supported in Sāmoa, and currently used in NZ, Aussie and Sāmoa for the last 11 months with no problems. It works in real time, as soon as a payment is received OS it is available in Sāmoa, there is no delay in processing. It can process as many 'real time' simultaneous transactions as are needed without slowing down. It's designed with Samoa's internet reliability and speed taken into account for the best optimization. Security is bank grade, so it passes all international security requirements for financial software of this type. The clientside interface is browser based so there is no other installation necessary, all monitoring of staff actions and transactions are done in real time with no delays and directly accessible at any time to the Administrators. Everything is backed up daily and maintained in detail. The concept behind it is to automate all the compliance and due diligence on the backend, as well as automate as much as possible of the frontend, to increase staff efficiency and remove temptations.

Communications are handled by an inbuilt chat system. So Admin and outlets can communicate in real time and upload/download files all within the secured system. Cutting out the need for emails and third party communications and making any issues easier to resolve. Scanned ID documents are also uploaded and stored so that they can be accessed at any time for due diligence and to comply with record keeping regulations.

The cost is largely based on the size of a business, number of outlets, currencies etc,. but everything customised to suit your business would not be less than 25,000 tālā to cover setup, training. customization and full 24/7 support for 6 months and might be more depending on the size of your operation. After the 6 months we would negotiate a monthly rate to cover hosting expenses and maintenance time, and our profit of course. All software of this sort normally charges a rate and a percentage of each transaction. Our costs are different, I prefer a flat rate out of the fee's so there is no surprises, or a fee based on hours and infrastructure costs. This means we are committed to your business succeeding as the better it performs, the more we make. If you're in the industry you will see how this will benefit your business. If not then this software is probably not for you.

Contact us at edresources-@-bickersc.com.