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One of our largest projects was the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser and other products interfaces, over 50.000 words translated and thousands of lines of computer code modified. This project is complete but ongoing as we work on it every time Mozilla upgrades their web browser. Other Mozilla products are nearing completion such as Firefox OS etc…


An extremely useful and first of a kind for Samoan piece of software is the spellchecker addon designed and implemented as an addon for Firefox, in this version it has approximately 14,000 words. This is also an ongoing project and gets upgraded regularly.


Facebook fa'aSāmoa for Firefox, a training project that’s fun to use. Created using a greasemonkey script from Kevin Scannell.

Skype started as a training project, but it works fine and is much beloved by the older generation and those whose English is not fluent. They find it gives them more confidence when communicating, since the error messages and main framework are all in Samoan. Again an ongoing project we update when Skype has a new version. About 80% of the total is localized, since localizing the more obscure error messages and settings would not be productive.