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Microsoft Office Samoan Language tools developed by Chris Bickers Sāmoa.

Usage instructions:

Basically it works exactly the same as the English version but with some added features unique to Samoan

We have 5 extra symbols in our alphabet, normally they are time consuming and annoying to insert as you type, so here's the method I developed.

Instead of inserting a symbol you just type `a`, `e`, `i`, `o`, or `u`. And it will automatically change to ā, ē, ī, ō, or ū

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is not a koma liliu (apostrophe) it is the lower-case Tilde  located at the top left of your keyboard under the Esc button .

Most of the time you do not have to type the fa‘amamafa (macron). The toolkit will automatically enter the fa‘amamafa for you for around 98% of the words that have them, some couldn't be done due to limitations within  Microsoft Office.

penei becomes pēnei, faamalosi  becomes fa‘amālosi, malulu becomes mālūlū etc…

for the 2% which don't automatically enter you can either put in the macron yourself using my intuitive method or let the spell checker do it for you.

I also entered thousands of the koma liliu (apostrophe's) for the user as well for common words, but it's better to put them in as you type since there are many words where this was not possible. People are already used to doing this except for such as faa which should be fa‘a. So those sorts auto correct, faa to fa‘a, toa to to‘a etc..

Now we move onto the backbone of it all, the spellchecker

the word base is around 20,000+ entries at this point, if you spell a word incorrectly then just like the English version, mine will let you know with a wavy red line beneath the word e.g. faamolosi or fa'amolosi  for example  you can right-click the word just like the English version and get the correct spelling.


Here's what it normally looks like when you type in Samoan:

There's a red line under all words, even the ones that are correct, so you can't tell what's right and wrong.  So I typed it again after turning on the toolkit.

The product is fully customizable so you can enter your own words or make task-specific versions easily.  It also does all the normal things like capitalizing country names Niu Sila,  Ausetālia  etc, personal names, days, months, that sort of stuff. Everything the English version does.

Final note, I have left out some words, particularly swear words (palauvale) since I intend this toolkit to be for all ages of users. So if you have the need for these you will need to add them yourself.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed, if you have any questions, ideas on improvements, or comments to make please email edresources@bickersc.com  and we will do our best to reply in a timely fashion.

For instructions and files to incorporate Samoan language spellcheckers into other widely used software, contact us at edresources@bickersc.com. Currently these are available for Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 and newer, Dream Weaver and Photoshop versions CS4 and upwards. Others are still under construction or may have been completed already,